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July 31, 2007


E aka your favorite trapper

I agree with MTV's top 4 since those guys are the best rappers on the list right now.

I know lyrical prowress wasn't a factor but Jim Jones in the top 10, really? He's only had one hit his entire life(that's one more than Memphis Bleek but still)

Crooked I should have made the list, he has no real hits but his buzz is huge on the westcoast.

EF Huttin

Your list was actually better than MTV's, with the exception of Curtis being...well, on the list period. His last few singles didn't really catch on ("Amusement Park" = Warm Piss), and everytime he talks shit about another rapper, he makes himself sound more and more desperate for attention. That's just sad.

Oh, and if Game can say one verse without mentioning every other rapper that has ever recorded a song, then he might be worthy of a spot on the list. Name-drops do not a hot verse make.


MTV must be taking Payola, that list is shitastic! SMH @ Common being #9...but maybe I should just be impressed that they put him on the list at all. Your list is muuuch better but I would have left Game off completely and put Remy Ma in his spot (yeah, stylistically challenged & nutzo but the flow is killing em).

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