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Writing is my Jones
Music is my Muse
Fashion is my Addiction
The South is my Home
If you want me you can find me in the ‘A’

Words are the beautiful design that enable us to create, think, write, react, inspire and do. I am in love with music of every genre, including techno if I’m zoned out enough.

Born in Louisiana and raised in Georgia - the South is the shit to me, Atlanta even more so and I make no apologies for it so you’ll soon come to realize that I’m partial to Southern artists especially if they’re Outkast or T.I., or anyone affiliated with them.

There is a white girl who lives inside of me, so on occasion I will speak of Coldplay, Maroon 5 and Citizen Cope and such but that’s cool, you’ll enjoy it. Life is more than just hip-hop.

I am inquisitive and analytical so my hopes are to engage you in a little conversation about any and everything.

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