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July 23, 2007


E aka your favorite trapper


It's funny how getting rejected or dumped will make the person, get real mad and start making accusations and saying insults they don't belive.


I think men/women both play the "you sucked" card in an attempt to cover up for their own faults but it never works. For Mel to say his cock was small means she was satisfied w/ his small cock, and if she was satisfied w/ it, it was assuredly b/c his pockets were cushioned plenty...something she would probably rather not comment on until they're in child support hearings. And, it's not like she left him...he flipped on her! I read a quote from her recently, where she is cleverly referring to his rumored down-low life style. Now, if she knew he was down-low, and witnessed "people" strolling in and out during all hours of the night: she was either right in the mix w/ all of it, or quietly suffering through it (ie, being stupid) least until the hole-y condoms finally worked. CHA-CHING!

So yeah, you said a mouthful:
It shows that either you were stupid to stay in a relationship for that long knowing that all these things were going on and it only ended because the other person ended it or that you are stretching the truth because you're hurt.

Ms. Mel can say whatever she wants cause there is little worse for a woman than to be single, knocked-up, publicly aired out and ignored...not matter what amount of $ is involved.


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